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Britney Spears can’t say Tinashe

Britney Spears can't say Tinashe
Image Credit Instagram @tinashenow

Britney Spears can’t say Tinashe properly, even though the two singers just recently released a track together. It’s absolutely beyond us how anyone could not know the name of someone with whom they just collaborated on a song. In saying that, it is Britney we’re talking about. The same woman who also managed to pronounce Ke$ha as Kee-sha.

Tinashe (pronounced Tin-ash-ay) joined Britney on stage to perform their song Slumber Party but it seems the queen of pop still doesn’t know her name. At the end of the performance, Britney yells, “Give it up for Tinasha!”


Who the bloody hell is Tinasha?


Anyway it’s pretty funny. Take a look for yourself.

Some devoted Brit fans are saying Tinashe should change her name the way their idol pronounced it but we highly doubt she’ll be keen on this.