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10 tips to be a pro at online dating

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It’s the newest way to meet a mate, but there’s no doubt that online dating is tricky. What photos do you choose? How do you make witty conversation? Do you meet up IRL? It can be hard to navigate the best answers on dating apps, so we talked to an expert at Happn dating app. Claire Certain broke it down for us into ten handy hints to stop you from coming across as a online creeper. So check these out before you swipe!

Profile tips

1. Three is a magical number and this goes for profile photos too. Surveys showed that people think they need to see at least three photos to make a fair assessment of a profile.

2. Don’t take your profile too seriously. Your profile is important, but it’s not a resume so don’t go overboard. You want to reveal just enough of your personality to arouse curiosity without giving your life story. A little humour in the description will also probably increase your chances.

3. Don’t restrict yourself to just photos – just like IRL, appearance isn’t everything. Using the other features offered by dating apps enriches your profile so you can make the best matches with people who share your interests. You can do this by including a description, or quirky photos of things other than your appearance, or indicating songs you like.

In the app

4. Send a message, any message. People spend a lot of time trying to think of the perfect formula to break the ice, or worse, use the same sentence to start conversations with everyone. A simple greeting can be enough to get the conversation rolling, or a comment on one of their photos can be a personalised touch.

5. Don’t go from flower to flower in dating apps. It’s easy to do, but don’t forget that behind each profile is a real person. You should try to treat them as such and not as just a name within a list.

6. Move from the virtual world to the real as soon as possible. People usually spent too much time chatting online before meeting to see if there is any real chemistry. It can happen that someone who is funny and witty online doesn’t make you laugh IRL.

Tips for the first meet up

7. Choose a suitable place. You want to pick a quiet place, since the essential part of a first date is to be able to listen to the other person. Always choose a public place – it’s the first time you’re meeting a stranger so it’s important to go somewhere you feel safe.

8. Conversation and behaviour. Follow the basic rules of behaviour – don’t overact, don’t exaggerate or lie, and always be yourself. It’s best to avoid talking about tricky topics like exes, politics, religion, or even football.

9. How do I dress? One of the trickier points for us ladies, dressing for a first date is important to make the right first impression. It’s best to choose clothes that flatter your body and are comfortable so you can concentrate on meeting your date instead of the tightness of your jeans. Pick clothing that makes you feel attractive so you’re confident when meeting the other person.

And remember…

10. Get out and live your life! Dating apps are just tools to make it easier to meet new people. Don’t get caught up and forget to live your life. Apps like Happn should only increase your reach and give you a little help in animating your social life.

So there you have it, the best tips on how to make the most of online dating from the experts at Happn. If you’re feeling inspired, the app is free and available for download on iOS, Android and Windows.