Home Life Bella Thorne told to shave her legs

Bella Thorne told to shave her legs

Bella Thorne told to shave her legs
Image Credit: Instagram @bellathorne

Being a woman ain’t easy! Especially with society convincing us that, although body hair is natural, it’s also gross. We’ve all experienced razor blade cuts, the insults of prickly legs, the high cost of laser hair removal, and the list just goes on.

Seriously, give us a break. There’s no point telling us how we should and shouldn’t look because we really couldn’t care less about your opinion. One guy clearly didn’t get the memo when he insulted ultimate babe, Bella Thorne, on Twitter.

Like bro, WTF? Are you going to struggle sleeping at night knowing that there’s girls out there (Bella included) that have a little leg hair.

Thankfully, our girl Bella responded by laughing and saying she would never.

Many fans and just decent people have commented supporting her, and asking when it became okay to tell someone what to do with their body. We couldn’t agree with them more. It should be completely up to each individual whether or not they choose to shave, so keep your nasty opinions to yourself.