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Meet The Bachelor Nick Cummins’ 25 Bachelorettes

Credit: tenplay.com.au

The latest season of The Bachelor Australia airs tonight at 7:30 on Channel Ten.

As most dedicated fans will already know, this season’s Bachelor will be ‘Honey Badger’ Nick Cummins.

To gear up for the drama, tears, and tantrums that characterise this guilting pleasure show, we’ll be revealing the cast of 25 women whose Bachelor pictures were recently released.

This season’s women come from a variety of different professions and lifestyles. There’s Steph, a 23 year old Children’s Entertainer who has been “proposed to a few times, but every time they get down on one knee they see my double chins.”

Then there’s “brutally honest” legal secretary Vanessa who answers the question of what her ‘perfect partner’ is like by replying “Perfection is an illusion.” Very deep.

Luckily for Business Analyst Renee who’s deal breaker is “A guy who’s a vegan,” the average male Honey Badger is an omnivorous creature. “Sometimes you have just got to eat something that had parents,” Renee explains.

Here are the 25 Bachelorettes from The Bachelor Australia 2018:

Aleksandra. “Honest, efficient, kind, happy and funny.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Alisha. “I’m a really positive person, I really enjoy life and I’m constantly smiling.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Ashlea. “Driven, Loving, Faithful, Adventurous, Intelligent.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Autumn. “Funny, real, compassionate, honest and courageous.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Blair. “Energetic, fun, sarcastic and positive.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Brittany. “Generous, adventurous, ambitious, funny and optimistic.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Brooke. “Sporty, fitness-fanatic, passionate, independent and driven.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Cass. “Sporty, Loving, awkward and outgoing.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Cat. “Vivacious, witty, caring, quirky and adventurous.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Cayla. “Energetic, loyal, caring, funny and an animal lover.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Christina. “Confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, fun and loving.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Dasha. “Feminine with a capital F, curious, free spirit, versatile and affectionate.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Emily. “Empathetic, supportive, creative, kind and spontaneous.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Juliana. “Compassionate, disciplined, energetic, ocean loving and an environmentalist.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Kayla. “Awkward, clumsy, outgoing, tall and funny.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Renee. “Fun, tall, caring, cheeky, and affectionate.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Rhiannon. “Caring, loving, playful, funny and happy.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Romy. “Spontaneous, fun, confident, adventurous and loyal.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Shannon. “Creative, weird, free spirited, caring and charismatic.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Sophie. “Outgoing, motivated, caring, loyal and fun.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Steph. “Competing with girls who all have modelling experience for one guy is easier than modern dating.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Susie. “Caring, family-focused, fun, adventurous and compassionate.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Tenille. “I’m so laid back I need to lean forward.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Urszula. “I do not like people fighting, I am a peacemaker and can calm people.” Credit: tenplay.com.au
Vanessa. “Strong, powerful, independent, with nice hair.” Credit: tenplay.com.au

To read the full interviews and snapshot biographies of the 25 contestants on Channel Ten click here.

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