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Our Kylie slams Kylie Jenner in name battle

kylie minogue vs kylie jenner
Credit: starsingers.net/inquisitr

Our national icon and bonafide Aussie music legend Kylie Minogue has won the legal battle to keep Kylie Jenner’s grubby paws off the Kylie name. Jenner tried to trademark her first name in 2014, inexplicably forgetting that she shares the Aussie star’s name. Of course, the far more famous Kylie Minogue hotly contested the trademark.

Aussie Kylie noted in court that she had been known as just “Kylie” in the US since the release of her first album of that name, so giving the trademark to Jenner would dilute her brand. The legal fight got heated when Minogue’s legal documents apparently referred to Jenner as a “secondary reality television personality who appeared on the television series Keeping Up With the Kardashians as a supporting character”.


Our girl Kylie has also owned the domain name kylie.com since the year before Jenner was born (take that!), and has been performing as a songstress and actress for decades. Minogue’s legal documents also pointed out her international acclaim as a humanitarian in addition to her fame as a performer.

Sorry, Jenner but you can’t pull the wool over our eyes. Kylie Minogue will always be our number one Kylie! One thing is for sure – Jenner won’t ever underestimate our international superstar again.