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Dating app hacks to score you a date for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is next week and that seems to turn most of the world into mushy piles of romance. Couples are fretting about the perfect gifts for each others and most singles are desperately trying to get a date before the day. If you’re one of the latter, and the thought of Valentine’s Day makes you feel #foreveralone, we’ve got you covered for the best ways to up your dating app game. Follow these dating app hacks to polish your profile and get yourself a V Day date.

Five is the magic number

If you’re not sure how many photos to include in your profile, experts at the dating app Happn have shown that five is the perfect number of photos. Too few and you have people wondering what you really look like, and too many and you look conceited.


Mix it up

The first photo in your profile should clearly show your face, so that people know what you look like. The rest should be a mix of portrait, full-length and pictures of you with friends. Photos of you and friends doing #activities is also highly recommended because it makes you look interesting and gives the swiper a conversation point.

Keep it natural

Everyone wants to look their best in their online dating profile so that you can get the most matches or crushes, but it’s best to do this naturally. Choose a natural light to take your profile photo and wear natural makeup. Smiling also increases your chances of a match.


Sideline the selfies 

Selfies seem to be less and less popular in Australia, so it’s best to leave the puppy filter photos for social media. A selfie-less profile makes you look less self-involved and more approachable. If you’re really loving your puppy filter selfies, you can always add your Snapchat or Instagram details to your bio so people can see how cute you are.

Honesty is the best policy

As a rule, Aussies love honesty, and this is especially true in dating apps. If you state what you’re looking for in your bio, people will be able to see if they fit your ideal. The top Aussie dating app users write that they like down-to-earth people with a sense of humour who don’t take themselves too seriously.


These tips will help you be as pro as these top-swiped Tinder users so that you’ll be swamped with dates before Valentine’s Day.