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Jules and Guy Sebastian are fit in more ways than one

Credit:Richard Dobson

Dayum. When it comes to couple goals, Guy Sebastian and his wife Jules have it covered.

The power duo have taken on an 8-week fitness challenge and now looking absolutely smokin’.

Guy Sebastian

Their coaches from Men’s Health, Chief Brabon and Emilie Brabon Hames, have been working with the couple for 8 weeks straight, and the results are amazing.

We all know Guy Sebastian as the first ever winner of Australian Idol, but little did we know that wouldn’t be his only greatest achievement.

Just check out his and his wife’s amazing transformations.

Guy Sebastian
Guy Sebastian
Credit: Giphy

The 35-year-old captioned the photo on Instagram with gratitude to his trainers.

“Huge thanks to these guys for getting me in shape and pain-free from years of hip/back pain. I feel so much more functionally fit and strong and I couldn’t have done it without you,” the caption reads.

Guy wasn’t the only one who was pleased!

His wife Jules Sebastian also praised her man for his hard work and dedication.

Guy Sebastian

Jules captioned this image with a gushing wifely message.

“Insanely PROUD of my super hot hubby for shredding for his @menshealthau shoot today! We cannot believe how much our bodies have transformed! We feel so strong, fit and healthy. HUGEST thanks to @chiefbrabon @emiliebrabonhames for their dedication to our training and to @hexeyfood for helping us with our daily nutrition.”

She’s not wrong about the transformation. With heaps of fans asking about for tips, their trainer Chief Brabon shared what being fit is all about.

“Many trainers and coaches ask Emilie and I what the secret is to dramatically increasing an athlete’s lean muscle mass while still stripping unwanted fat. To be honest, there’s no secret. It’s simply combining proven training methods with science based nutritional programming.”

They make it sound so easy, but like everything else, it’s easier said than done.

guy sebastian

On that note, well done to Guy Sebastian and Jules Sebastian on this awesome fitness journey.

Guy has definitely motivated me to get back into fitness!