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Are you sitting down? There’s a new GoT teaser

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Credit: HBO

Here we are again. Back in the seemingly endless wait for the new season of Game of Thrones to finally hit screens.

But it’s worse than usual this year, for two reasons. Not only is this season shaping up like it’s going to be the biggest and bloodiest yet, but we are having to wait all the way to July instead of April to see it.

How on Earth are we going to make it another three and a half months?!

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But HBO are nothing if not teases, so they’ve dropped the most recent trailer for the new season.

And as if we didn’t know this already, it looks like it’s about to go OFF.

We’ve been waiting for a big Cersei-Dany-Jon-whoever the hell else wants to come showdown for years now, and it looks like we’re finally getting it.

The clip shows Cersei, Danaerys and Jon taking their seats at what is presumed to be a confrontation between the three in Kings Landing. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s going to get your heart racing.

Not going to deny it’s a bit strange to hear such an upbeat song as James’ ‘Sit Down’ playing over it, but the juxtaposition is dramatic.

You can even say we get a slight hint of a plot between Cersei and the White Walkers at the end as well. I guess cold-blooded creatures stick together.

Either way, it’s going to be one frosty July.

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Slowly, but yes, it sure as hell is. And we cannot bloody wait.