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What did your fav celeb do before becoming famous?

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We know that our fav celebs didn’t come out of the womb famous (minus Blue Ivy & North West) but they had to get their start somewhere? Well here’s how they did, giving us all hope that maybe we haven’t peaked yet and might still make it…


Before she was queen-b, Beyonce actually worked at her mother’s hair salon and swept up hair.

Image credit: @beyonce

Kanye West

Bad boy rapper used to work at GAP before he got moola for spitting his lyrics (about shoplifting from the shop too).

kanye west
Image credit: @kimkardashian

Channing Tatum

Ever wondered where his inspo for Magic Mike came from? Well he was a stripper back in the day.

channing tatum
Image credit: @channingtatum

James Franco

This dude used to flip burgers at an LA McDonald’s before gaining his breakthrough role in ‘Freaks and Geeks’.

james franco
Image courtesy: @jamesfrancotv

Katy Perry

Katy got her singing talent from belting gospel music from her mouth in her parents’ church every Sunday.

katy perry
Image courtesy: @katyperry

Alexander Skarsgard

Before he flexed his abs on Tarzan he was a busboy at a restaurant and also served his country in the Swedish Military for 18 months.

alexander skarsgard
Image courtesy: Tumblr

Jay Z

Before he became the big dog and cheated on Bey with ‘becky’ he actually used to be a drug dealer. Hinting that selling crack actually helped him to learn how to budget.

jay z
Image courtesy: Life + Times

Angelina Jolie

Before she had her clan of 6, she was an aspiring funeral director after her Grandfather’s death.

angelina jolie
Image courtesy: Tumblr

Chace Crawford

Before melting hearts on Gossip Girl, he worked at an Abercrombie & Fitch in Texas, modelled for Hollister and studied broadcast journalism before dropping out and working as a valet.

chace crawford
Image courtesy: Giphy

Calvin Harris

To support his DJ career, Calvin Harris used to work in a fish factory to make some moola.

calvin harris
Image courtesy: @calvinharris

Harry Styles

Pre-1D he used to work at a bakery, not that exciting but if 1D doesn’t regroup it could be a go again?

harry styles
Image courtesy: Pinterest

Megan Fox

During her days at a local smoothie shop in Florida a job requirement was to wear a banana suit around for advertisement.

megan fox
Image courtesy: Ellen

Rachel McAdams

The Notebook/Mean Girls actor must have been a fan of Maccas, after spending 3 summers at the fast food establishment.

mean girls
Image courtesy: Giphy

Victoria Beckham

We know her as Posh Spice but before that she worked as an extra for BBC and appeared in a show as a sperm on rollerblades.

victoria beckham
Image courtesy: @victoriabeckham

Ashton Kutcher

Mr Mila Kunis studied biomedical engineering before leaving and moving onto sweeping cereal dust at a General Mills factory and selling his blood for extra cash.

ashton kutcher
Image courtesy: @aplusk

Lea Michele

Pre-Glee Lea used to help girls get their bar mitzvah dress as a shop assistant.

lea michael
Image courtesy: Giphy

Lady Gaga

Before meat dresses were a thing, fashion icon Gaga used to wait tables for a living.

lady gaga
Image courtesy: MTV

Brad Pitt

Dropping out just short of a journalism degree, Mr Pitt pursued an acting career where he delivered refrigerators, drove exotic dancers around in a limousine and wore a chicken suit/danced around for el Pollo Loco to survive.

brad pitt
Image courtesy: @bradpittfans

Gerard Butler

Before P.S I Love You the actor studied Law in Glasgow and began to practice Law before he was fired and turned to acting.

gerard butler
Image courtesy: @gerardbutler

Hugh Jackman

The Aussie star worked the circuit as a clown/entertainer even did a stint as a PE teacher before becoming the beloved Aussie star.

hugh jackman
Image credit: @RealHughJackman


Jennifer Aniston

Who doesn’t love her, she started cleaning toilets, delivering messages on a bike and even did a stint as a telemarketer before becoming our fav Rachel on Friends

jennifer aniston
Image courtesy: Giphy


Matthew McConaughey

It’s a shame this wasn’t recent but the actor was a rotary exchange student in AUS back in the day. Where he washed dishes and shovelled chicken poop to make a living (soz Matt you can stay with us for free now if you like?)

matthew mcconaughey
Image courtesy: Matthew McConaughey Facebook

Tom Cruise

Pre scientology and whatever else he has been doing recently, he was a bellboy and (of all things) an aspiring priest.

tom cruise
Image courtesy: Giphy

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi has been a nun on our screens and before she made it big time the renowned actor tried her hand as a bricklayer, rubbish collector and a funeral parlour makeup artist to name a few.

whoopi goldberg
Image courtesy: Giphy