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Europe tops Oscars humiliation with fake Ryan Gosling

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We never thought that the Oscars drama was going to get topped this soon, did we?

As everyone was just about getting over the drama of awards night (with no help from the Rio Cinema in London), Germany was ready and waiting with an even more ridiculous awards show story to help it on its way.

When Ryan Gosling was brought on to accept an award at the Goldene Kamera awards in Hamburg, the crowd applauded, the music played – but it was not the heartthrob himself that accepted the award.

A clearly German ‘lookalike’ appeared on stage to accept the award and, judging by Colin Farrell’s reaction, fooled no one.

ryan gosling
Credit: ZDF

The prank was apparently put on by two German comedians, Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlaut. They amazingly set up a fake agency which promised the show organisers a Gosling appearance if he won. Apparently the show’s producers bought it big time!

Admittedly, the fake Ryan, a chef from Munich called Ludwig Lehner, didn’t do the best job of selling the act. Opening your speech with the words “Good evening, I am Ryan Gosling,” in a thick German accent is probably not the most convincing impression we’ve ever seen.

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Here’s the whole hilarious incident from the ceremony, complete with outstanding reactions:

After the event, the extremely shifty apology from the host said everything that needed to be said. I’m still a bit confused about how no one picked up the error before the guy went on stage, but there you go.

The event organisers have promised a full enquiry into their security procedures, but let’s be real here – just like the Oscars, nothing is going to save the Goldene Kamera awards now.

Penny for the thoughts of the real Ryan Gosling?

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