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Bring it on back- Jet are back together!

Image Credit Jet Facebook

You might not have heard but American legend, Bruce Springsteen is coming back down under for a revival tour. Joining him on tour is Jet, the Melbourne band who sang the hit ‘Are you Gonna Be My Girl’.

Jet are one of the most successful rock bands who are reforming specifically for this tour and heading from their home town to Christchurch. The tour will start from the eve of Australia day in Perth and end in Auckland a month later.

The band quickly conquered the world after selling more than 6.5 million albums and having 10 platinum records. The band have turned down many requests to reform but they thought now would be the perfect time… only SEVEN years later.

With the tour, fans have already started to petition for Jet to play at the Meredith Music Festival in 2016.

You might want to brush up on your Jet lyrics so you don’t look look like an outcast at the gig. We are super excited for the reformation!