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The Bachelorette: Episode 9 Recap

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I just have one thing to say about last night’s episode of The Bachelorette: “Was ist los?” That means, “What is happening?” in German because for some reason Ali feels watching men in lederhosens throwing pretzels at a wall is a turn on. I mean, whatever works for you, girl.

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Bill proved he had the best pretzel-to-wall throwing abilities, and won the solo time with Ali. They eat sausages, make some money off a Deliveroo product placement, and Bill lies his way into hometown dates next week by telling Ali he “loves Adelaide.” Do you, Bill? Do you, really?

Next up to bat is Taite, who really should take a page out of Bill’s “white lie” playbook. Ali claims she is looking for “reassurance,” but looking for that in Taite is like looking for an ocean in the middle of the Sahara desert. All the wrong places.

She asks him if he is looking to get engaged by the end of the year, and he drops the “L” bomb in response. Like. He likes Ali. That one’s gotta hurt a little.

Besides Taite’s clear inability to commit to anything, Ali seems to not care that much about the red flags he is throwing up all over the place. It probably has something to do with his good-looking face and equally good-looking body.

Back at the cocktail party, Daniel is ready to tell Ali he loves her. Unfortunately, he is not the one Ali is looking to hear those words from. She is probably looking to hear those words from anyone BUT Daniel, honestly. Right when he is about to drop the three words, Todd comes in to save Ali from Daniel and Daniel from embarrassment.

Once again, Todd proves himself as the hero we need.

Ali does not have the least bit of interest in hearing what Daniel was about to say, and she sends him packing. He swears if he had gotten the chance to tell her, he would have received a rose. Probably not, but this man has been through enough rejection, so we will let him believe that.

credit: news.com.au

Only four men remain in what is the quickest moving season of The Bachelor franchise, and tonight is the always fun hometown visits. Finally, we get to meet the families of these very interesting men, and watch as the alcohol and awkwardness flow simultaneously.