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The Bachelorette: Episode 10 Recap

Alright, y’all. It’s hometown dates. I am going to petition Channel Ten for an entire season of hometown dates because one episode is just never enough. These hometown dates brought us something we have never seen before- one contestant actually brought Ali to his ex’s dad’s house instead of his family’s. Was this a move to make Ali jealous? A move to make his ex jealous? Either way, all there is to say is “Weird flex, but okay.”

The first hometown date rightfully goes to Todd. She meets up with his pretty normal family, besides his sister who has that “I want to speak to your manager” look on her face at all times. They have the basic hometown date conversation of “are you here for the right reasons” and “are you in love with Todd,” knowing full well she can’t answer those questions. However, since Todd did not take her to his ex’s dad’s house, his hometown date is going better than some of his fellow contestants.

Next, Ali goes to meet up with Taite in Ballarat. Here we have more basic conversations that give us no juicy information and ultimately get us nowhere. The only real thing we take from this hometown date is Taite’s best friend looks like a blonde, live-action Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Okay, now for the good stuff. Bill, honey. What were you thinking? There are very clear rules to the hometown dates, and that is to take Ali, the girl you are dating, to meet your family. Instead, you take her to the dad’s house of a girl you met at a dog park, with whom you’ve previously dated. The motive for this will never be clear, although I am certain dog park ex is still in love with Bill.

You’d think that it couldn’t get much worse after Bill, but in comes Charlie to steal the scene. Charlie decides to not introduce Ali anyone, because he is not there to pretend everything is “peachy creamy” with her. I really hate that a grown man used the words “peachy creamy” to describe a situation.

With the words “peachy creamy” still stewing in Ali’s mind, she decides to confront Charlie back at the cocktail party. Charlie tells her that if he can’t date her exclusively than he is leaving, and Ali abruptly fires back the words we have wanted to hear all season: “Fine. Leave.”

credit: Punkee

PRAISE THE BACHELORETTE GODS. Goodbye, Charlie. Bill, can’t wait to see you go next. Please prepare your things.

Next week, three remain, but we all know who the final two will be- Todd and Taite. The Bachelorette is on next Wednesday, 7:30pm on Channel Ten.