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The Bachelor: Episode 6 Recap

credit: punkee.com

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor had it all. I’m talking awkward kissing, awkward conversations, and awkward attempts to hook up in a swag. Just all around awkward, honestly.

We start with the awkward kiss, which gave me terrible flashbacks of how my first kiss in year 7 went down. It was like the whole “are we going to kiss now?” conversation you have in your head when you are about to kiss someone for the first time, except Rhiannon had that conversation out loud. To Nick. And the secondhand embarrassment was real.

I watched this episode with ten other people- people who would not stop talking the entire episode- and in that moment, the whole room was silent.

Truthfully, Rhiannon should not feel too bad about herself. Nick has rejected a lot of girls so far. In the end, her name is just apart of a long list that also includes Cat, Romy, and Cass.

Next, we move onto a camping group date that left us full of questions. The first, why is Osher wearing a suit in the bush? Is he not allowed to be casual for just one day?

On a more pressing matter, when is Romy going to stop? Stop spending her time with Nick to talk about other girls and stop pulling creepy moves on him. If someone snuck into my swag in the middle of the night in the bush, I would think I was being murdered. Apparently, Nick did not feel this way and they ambiguously laid in his swag while Cass listened nearby.

credit: ChannelTen

In other news, last night Vanessa Sunshine become the Bachy hero we deserved. She lives by a philosophy we should all strive to live by: TAKE. NO. SH*T.

Not only did she stand up to Romy, but she stood by her beliefs until the end. Only word of advice I have for her: maybe don’t tell the guy you are dating he needs a makeover. Nick was not impressed by that and she did not receive a rose. On the plus side, she really couldn’t care less.

Cass continues her quest for Nick and Nick continues to subtly let her down in ways she does not pick up on. Hunting for the kiss, Cass stares into Nick’s eyes while he swings her on a tree swing. What a movie moment for a kiss. However, Nick tells her “less is more with you,” and takes the award for most creative to reject someone.

With Vanessa gone, Cass, Shannon, and Brittany all get roses. Unfortunately, Romy gets a rose. And Alisha, who I am pretty sure is just trying to replace Osher, gets a rose.

Who is the mystery girl that runs away from the mansion next week? Also, 3 new girls enter the mansion for reasons unknown and Romy probably has a go at one of them. Episode 7 of The Bachelor is next Wednesday, 7:30pm on Channel Ten.