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The Bachelor: Episode 5 Recap

It is episode five and the girls of The Bachelor mansion are clearly experiencing cabin fever. Their time locked down in a beautiful, big, and probably insanely expensive house is getting to their heads. They can’t handle living in such harsh conditions, but most importantly, they can’t handle living with each other.  

Just to recap, Sophie and Brooke both went on dates with Nick this week. Nothing really substantial happened so let’s just move on to what we all really came here for- the drama.

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It all starts when Nick’s family comes to the mansion for a visit and of course, Cat and Romy do not really understand the goal of the day. Apparently they think it is a time to talk about their jewelry business in Bali and how Cass is “desperately” in love with Nick. Nick’s sister, Bernadette, thankfully sees right through them. And she is not having any of it.

Blair, who also conveniently overhears Romy’s talk about Cass, is not having any of it either. So, she does the thing all women would expect their gal pals to do – she tells Cass. Ultimately, what concluded was a scream match between Blair and Romy, with Cass trying to diffuse the situation.

“We shouldn’t talk about each other behind each other’s backs,” Cass says. #GirlPower.

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Feeding on this newfound #GirlPower, Cass decides to confront Nick about her feelings. She confidently explains that she is not interested in being there anymore if he does not see a possible future. What came from Nick was a subtle way of saying “I do not see a possible future.” Although, he says it so nicely you can actually see Cass misinterpreting it as he is saying it.

In the end, he gives Cass a rose and from the preview of tonight’s episode, it seems she was not content with the answer he gave her – and she’s going searching for more.

Given how episode five played out, we thought we knew for sure who was going home. Cat? Romy? Surely, one of them. But no. Blair the nice girl is the one left without a rose. Proving that The Bachelor is actually just a repeat of high school.

Also, can we just talk for a moment about how Nick’s brother, Jason, is literally Nick, just without the long, curly hair (and successful footy career). Maybe Cass should give it up with Nick and date Jason.

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Tune in tonight, 7:30pm to hear Cat say “I actually live in Bali” a couple more times and to see more of Cass’s attempt to bring Nick up to the same “feelings level” as her.

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