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The Bachelor: Episode 3 Recap

We are three episodes in, and a clear line in the sand has been drawn. This line separates the the frontrunners from the drama-stirrers. The people who are there for Nick and the people who are there for Insta-fame. Who stands on Nick’s side of the line and who does not? Let’s break it down:

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Nick’s side:

  1. Brooke– Just when you thought their fire might be dimming, Brooke uses the Bach Pad Key and immediately becomes the frontrunner again. She is sweet, genuine, and her connection with Nick is undeniable.
  2. Brittany– Brittany became a surprise leading lady this week with her one-on-one date. Counting her as the first “real” kiss, Nick seemed extremely intrigued by Brittany and the feeling was definitely mutual.
  3. Shannon– They made their strong connection on the first date, and while she did not really spend a lot of time with Nick this week, she tried to shut Cat’s behaviour down at the cocktail party, proving she is not having any of the drama.
  4. Cass– Admittedly, she is a little too far over on Nick’s side. At least it is clear that she is there for one reason only and no one, not even Nick, is going to stand in the way from her getting what she wants.
  5. Cayla– Even though she was eliminated this week, she proved she wanted the best for Nick by “breaking protocol” to warn him about the girls who are outspokenly there for fame.
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There for the blue check on their Insta profile:

  1. Cat– It is week two and already she has had confrontations with Sophie, Vanessa Sunshine, Blair, and Shannon. Seemingly more interested in getting screentime by being the designated “mean girl,” she is also pushing her jewellery line over pushing for more time with Nick.
  2. Romy– Cat’s right-hand woman. Her desire to be the first one to kiss Nick was more about getting the recognition for “being the first” and less about actually kissing Nick.
  3. Vanessa Sunshine– There was a hope for her that the one-on-one date would change her attitude and ultimately viewer’s perception of her, but no, things just got worse. After not using any of their date time to get to know Nick, she later told the other girls she was basically not attracted to him. Which begs the question, why else is she there?
  4. Alisha– The show’s self-designated commentator, she has a lot to say about everyone else but never really seems to have anything to say to Nick. Has she even talked to him once yet?

With seventeen girls left, there are still many girls who haven’t crossed over into either side of the line. However, from the way it’s looking, girls like Dasha, Tenille, and Aleksandra will be choosing their sides sooner rather than later.

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The drama continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.