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The Bachelor: Episode 10 Recap

We kick off this episode with a group date of Brooke, Sophie, Dasha and Brittany- conveniently your final four. Blindfolded and guided by Nick, the girls need to drive manual through a set of traffic cones. This is feeling more like a test for their L plates than a date, but I digress. The girls are told whoever can drive through the traffic cones the best will win alone time with Nick. Yeah, that is the prize every week.

“You also win a box of avocados,” says Osher.

GAME CHANGER. It is on. Suddenly, The Bachelor becomes more about avocados than it ever was about Nick.

Even though Dasha drove manual for the first time without managing to knock over a single cone, Sophie wins the avocados. She also gets to spend time with Nick and that’s cool, too.

Back at the mansion, there is a single date card. It reads out, “we have a lot to catch up on.” Finally, Cass gets her chance. The camera pans over to her face, full of hope, only for us to watch her dreams be crushed in the blink of an eye as Tenille calls out Jamie-Lee’s name. Your day will come soon, Cass.

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Now, I thought this show was supposed to get more romantic as it went on? We started with romantic hot air balloon rides around Hunter Valley and where are we now? Sword-fighting lessons in Mosman? Either Channel Ten blew their budget way too early or Nick’s views on romance are severely flawed. Either way, Jamie-Lee was not into it and Nick was not into the fact that Jamie-Lee was not into it. So things got… awkward.

When I say awkward, I mean more awkward than “Do we kiss now?” awkward. Which is saying a lot. However, I feel for Jamie-Lee, because it is not her fault. Nick was literally sitting there looking like he just awoke from a coma that he fell into in 1993. With no attempt to make conversation, you can’t blame a girl for choking up.

She returns without a rose so it is pretty much a shoe in for her to go home. Cass ‘comforts’ her by telling her ‘she can’t comfort Jamie-Lee’ since she hasn’t been on a single date. Cass, I am pretty sure your position is better than hers right now. This girl is currently in the process of being publicly rejected.

Back to topic, Jamie-Lee is going home and everyone is all but saying their goodbyes when Storm Tenille breaks. Now, I am going to be honest, I am very confused. I had to rewatch the cocktail party because I thought I missed something and when I still didn’t see it, I took to the trusty Internet to find out what happened. What I found was everyone just as confused as me.

What seemed like a happy Tenille last week was now a Tenille who was sure she was being sent home at the rose ceremony. Girl, clearly you did not see what just happened with Jamie-Lee. If anything, you for sure have one more week.

Alas, Tenille is positive she is going home and I am positive I am still missing something. She asks to be sent home with her dignity and Nick does not fight for her, at all. Now, only eight remain in the emotional battle for Nick’s heart.

Tune in next week as Cass FINALLY gets her single date and are you there, God? It’s me, Rachel, asking you to please make this the best date of her life. The Bachelor is on Next Wednesday, 7:30pm on Channel Ten.