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Accessories inspired by your fave 90’s and 00’s cartoons

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If you grew up in the 90’s or 00’s, it’s time to bring your inner kid to the surface and totally freak out about these accessories that were inspired by our favourite childhood cartoons.

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Remember all those early mornings watching Cheez TV and switching between Sailor Moon and Pokemon? It was such a treat once you were allowed to watch The Simpsons, especially because you knew heaps of kids who banned by their parents. Those were the days when watching TV was a real treat and we were lucky to watch whole shows.

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Now there are accessories that can bring that same sparkle back into your eyes! These accessories are inspired by your favourite 90s and 00s cartoons, so the nostalgia is real. Check out these beautiful designs from the very recognisable childhood cartoons.

1Sailor Moon

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3The Simpsons

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4Powerpuff Girls

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5Beauty and the Beast

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6Care Bears

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