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Snezana Body Shamed Again

Source: Celebrity Lane, Tumblr
Source: Celebrity Lane, Tumblr

Poor Snezana just can’t catch a break with body shamers. The Bachelor babe has recently been accused of being too skinny in a photo on Instagram.

? I got chills they’re multiplying… #greaselightning

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Instead of celebrating her support of boyfriend Sam Wood’s fitness program, fans have instead turned to critiquing her body. One commenter wrote: “You are so beautiful but getting way too thin. Thin isn’t always more beautiful be careful”. Another used the guise of concern to belittle Snez’s body: “you do look a little too thin honey. You’re obviously still gorgeous… I just think you looked even more beautiful before you lost weight sorry ? #curvesaresexy”. One commenter felt no need to sugercoat it, stating bluntly “You need to eat”. Sadly, most of the negative comments seem to have come from women. This isn’t the first time that people have felt the need to comment on the body of the Bachelor star. Not too long ago, Snezana was being criticised for “self-shaming” when she uploaded this bikini shot with a caption highlighting that her body isn’t perfect.

Instead of seeing her picture as an empowering realisation that even celebrities have flaws, like Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Stretchies say hi!’ picture, Snez was told to take some pride in her gorgeous self.

So Snez isn’t allowed to be seen as too skinny, and can’t be real about her body. Women just can’t win.