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Tommy Little Launches A Campaign For Youth Homelessness

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/mrstommylittle/?hl=en

If you’re a fan of Australian comedy, or you’ve watched Channel 10’s The Project, you’d be familiar with the vibrant personality of Tommy Little. The Aussie comedian has launched a social media campaign to shine a light on Youth Homelessness Matters Day and its legendary.

Little joined forces with creative director, Alex Wadelton, The Project’s managing editor, Tom Whitty, and photographer Stu Morley to create a series of model-esque shots taken throughout the streets and at youth homeless shelters.

Photos 4 and 5 of 10 The number of homeless can be easy to underestimate because the majority of them don’t sleep on the street, they sleep on mate’s couches or in the back of cars, so whilst you may only see a small number on the street there are over 160 000 Aussie’s right now that are homeless. A third of them are under 25. I can’t imagine how stressful that must be for a young person. When I was 17 I had the combination of dreadlocks, Wu Tang hoodies and a glowing LED belt buckle that said “The Weapon is in the building” so I feel like I deserved to homeless way more than these poor people. The next few photo’s will show you some of the awesome places that are trying to help these unlucky young legends. #bemodel

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Little had been posting the model shots for a while before the campaign was revealed and was copping lighthearted taunts from his co-hosts for showing off. Considering Tommy’s usual antics, the endearing and powerful message of his #beamodel campaign was a surprising breath of fresh air.

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/mrstommylittle/?hl=en

Little revealed the images were taken in deliberate locations– public toilets, benches, couches and cars, all places where children in the depths of homelessness are forced to reside. The campaign highlighted how social media doesn’t always show the severity of youth homelessness as a societal issue.

Following the launch of the campaign in partnership with social streetwear clothing enterprise company HoMie, Little raised more than $80,000 of online sales and gained 23,000 hits on their website.

If you didn’t already love Tommy Little, he’s surely won your heart now!