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7 Beauty Trends to Ditch in 2016

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1Crazy Contouring
The contouring craze went a little too far in 2015! It’s fine to contour your cheekbones and nose and highlight your brows but do not over do it!

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2Donut Buns
Pretty sure they were meant to be left behind in 2012, but some people did not get the memo.

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3Kylie Jenner Lips
The only time they would ever look good is if you’re dressing up as Donald Duck for a party.

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4Glitter Roots
It’s still such a surprise that these even became a ‘thing’ but it looks tacky and no one likes having to clean up glitter.

Image Credit Elle

5Bubble Nails
So round, so ugly, so confusing!

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6Clip in man buns
Okay seriously, whoever came up with this needs to seek psychiatric help. This will never be okay, it doesn’t matter what year it is.

Image Credit Details

7Overdrawn eyebrows
No matter how many times the internet tells them they just don’t look good, girls still continue to literally colour in their eye brows. For the last time, please leave those nasty brows in 2015!

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