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WATCH: This prank is pants-wettingly terrifying

Remember that iconic horror film The Ring? It came out in 2002 and made everyone terrified to watch TV or be alone? Well, prep your emergency underwear, because there’s another movie and it looks just as horrifying.

Rings is the third film in the franchise (I think everyone missed the second out of desire to actually be able to sleep) and it makes the most of the iconic little girl with long hair.

To promote the film, Paramount Pictures decided to give that little girl, Samara, a road test to see if she’s still scary (spoiler: she is). They pulled a prank on a bunch of people in an electronics store to see how they’d react to Samara climbing out of the TV, and the results and hilarious. Watch til the end to see a poor guy stack it in his fright filled fleeing.

Also watch the trailer for Rings here.