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10 profiles you’ve definitely seen on dating apps

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We all know what a massive struggle it is to get the perfect photos for your dating app profile. It’s a struggle between wanting to look your best and wanting to be recognisable, in case you do actually meet up. Some people don’t bother with this struggle and just jump straight into these dating profile cliches. Hopefully you are wise enough not to have fallen into the trap, but if you recognise yourself in these cliche profiles, get to changing your profile immediately.

The Mirror Monkey

dating profiles
Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram

This is definitely the most common profile type you’ll see on dating apps: the self-loving mirror photographers. Their profile will be full of selfies snapped in the bathroom, probably with a cheeky shirt raise to see their ab flex. Calm down mate, you’re not Kim Kardashian. In their defense though, it’s not always easy to snap a great selfie.

The Adrenaline Junkie

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He or she will definitely have a photo like this. Credit: theguycornernyc.com

Kayaking, skydiving, mountain climbing – the list of extreme adventures is long and nothing seems too exiting for this person. Their profile is packed with photos of them doing #activities and they’ll roll their eyes if you just want to go for drinks. Be prepared to do something different on your first date!

The Animal Lover



Who doesn’t like to snuggle up with a puppy, hamster, lamb, or tiger? Maybe not so much that last one, but you’re bound to see this profile everywhere when swiping in dating apps. These daters have heard that having a photo with an animal increases your chances of getting a swipe right or a crush, so they’ve gone all out.

The Groupie


We’ve all encountered this social chameleon when online dating. He or she likes to hide out among a crowd in photos and it’s totally impossible to tell what they look like. It’s very confusing and most likely a waste of your time.

The Child-Friendly Type


Oh, you have a really adorable baby! That’s a total eye catcher. Doesn’t this melt your heart like every time? Wait – is that baby yours? Or are you just using it as an (admittedly very cute) prop? Please clarify.

The No Face

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Credit: @JamesManson_97 Twitter

This person doesn’t think their face matters, but also doesn’t think that it’s the inside that counts either. The owners of these profiles are often bodybuilders or fitness fanatics or just owners of bods they love. They want you to love their bod as much as they do.

The Bad Boy/Girl


This profile is packed with dark, hostile pictures combined and probably an edgy caption. The whole profile seems unfriendly but that’s what some people like. This is the kind of person your parents would have told you to avoid, and you would have ignored them to continue staring.

The Cartoon Character

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Credit: Kirsten King for BuzzFeed

A profile that you must certainly have encountered on Happn is the one with cartoon pictures. Although many of us would love to date the Looney Tunes or Batman, using their photo is not the best way to go if you want to actually get a date. It’s an especially bad idea if you’re using an app like Happn that matches people you’ve actually seen in real life, because they won’t know who you are.

The Training Maniac


The profile is packed with selfies from the gym and the jogging track. To get this type’s attention, you’d better be familiar with the best protein powder and the latest Crossfit exercise, or you’re out of the race.

The Immediate Romantic


This is the kind of user that comes on really strong in his/her messages. They’ll be heavy-handed with compliments and you’ll feel like there’s some chemistry. They’ll shower you in affection, but it’s best to wait until you meet in real life before getting too invested.

This detailed profile information is thanks to Claire Certain, an expert at Happn dating app. Which of these profiles have you seen the most? Or are there any that you’re guilty of using?