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Jaden Smith has formed a rock band

Credit Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Even though he is 18, Jaden Smith has no doubt at one point wowed you with one of his many famous (or infamous) appearances in public and online.

But his latest announcement has us really excited. He has just announced that he has formed a rock band.

Jaden has announced on Twitter that he has formed the band with his 16 year old sister Willow Smith and his 18 year old girlfriend, actress Odessa Aldon.

He has even released a short clip of one of the songs he’s working on, and it really makes us want to hear to rest.

In another tweet Jaden said that he will be releasing two new music videos next month as well as a K POP single within the next four months.

If you’re hoping to be involved, and are willing to go to Toronto, then Jaden has also said that he is looking for a photographer and someone to shoot an upcoming music video.

While you might not know it Jaden has been making music for quite a while, with his latest song, ‘Fallen’ being released late last year.

He also has a new album coming up called ‘Syre’, though it currently has no release date.

We’re always fans of great music, so we hope this project goes well, and give us some more music to add to our Spotify playlist.