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Harry Styles steals James Corden’s monologue like a champ

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Credit: The Late, Late Show/CBS

You may or may not know that Harry Styles has been a house guest on James Corden’s Late, Late Show in America for a little while now.

Initially on the show to hype up the release of his self-titled album (which incidentally dropped last Friday), Harry has been performing different tracks from the album live on the show. The thing is, he has also been killing it as a regular guest with Corden, and has been gaining a lot of plaudits for his comedic performances rather than his music.

How’s TV life going?

And he stepped his game up to a whole new level this week (sporting his new shortened hair, by the way) by taking over the traditional presenter’s monologue that comes at the start of every weekly entertainment show.

He nailed it once again, riffing on Donald Trump’s problems with Russia and a few other bits before launching into a pun-tastic segment on the new Pirates of the Caribbean being held by hackers.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Be warned – the first minute just contains a lot of fangirl screaming. I know that’s fairly standard fare for Harry Styles these days, but just thought I’d warn you.

Is it me, or could Harry Styles have his own show like this when he’s done with his music career? He seems to have a bit of a knack for it, especially if this other segment he has done for James, ‘Side Effects May Include’, is anything to go by.

You could call it He’s Got Styles? Or take over famed American interviewer Larry King’s show down the line and call it Harry as Larry?

Okay, I’ll stop that now.

But anyway, the point is that Harry Styles seems to have made a pretty good start to this whole going solo thing, and without even having to rely on the music.

Which is probably quite a good thing, since he can end up looking a bit like a confused Louis Armstrong when he sings.