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Angus Stone’s extravagant taste

Angus Stone
Image Credit De Renaud Monfourny

It seems Angus Stone feels he’s entitled to everything…including $20,000 worth of sushi and organic smoothies. Why a musician would choose to spend that tonne of cash on food in one sitting blows our minds. Maybe it was hanging with the kick ass producer Rick Rubin that had Stone just a little bit star struck. Rubin’s helped produce music for the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Johnny Cash.

So when Stone and Rubin were just doing their thang in the producers Southern California ranch; they decided to have an incredibly extravagant binge. Kudos that it was healthy and wasn’t $20,000 worth of grog. Stone was probably a bit baked and assumed all the food was paid for. Turns out it wasn’t! I guess it’s his way of coping with being on a tour bus for 2 years.

The binge must be a sign of his wealth and success in the Australian and international music audience. Especially the self titled Angus & Julia Stone album that climbed to the top 10 charts across Europe. It’s a far cry from Angus’s starving musician life at open-mic nights.

Angus learnt his $20,000 mistake and chose to record his new solo project, an album titled Dope Lemon at his home. The hippie resides in a 120 acre farm in the Northern Rivers, inland from Byron Bay. He also got his creative juices flowing at a friends studio in Byron Bay.

Dope Lemon is released today so go have a listen of the good vibes that Stone has sought to reflect in his album.