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No joke….sex with robots is an actual thing

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We knew the day would come when technology would begin to overtake the power of humans. We’ve already seen it happen in the world of retail, pushing many out of employment. Within the next 10 years, this could be a scary reality. But none of us could expect that humanoid robots are being used as a replacement for human intimacy.

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Countries such as South Korea and Japan are creating robots for around $13,500. Devices such as the Roxxxy and Rocky True Companion come with a talking feature.

On a sad point, robots have been used as companion devices for their children. I get that parents can’t always be around to bond with their children but surely given them robots as pretend friends is taking it several steps too far? Instead of giving them an ipad to watch Peppa Pig on, their now giving them a robot. Children have been known to copy the robots voice, not going outside and connecting with real people. Serious attachment disorders have been shown.

But it’s not robots that are only being used for sex, there are now humanoid robots specifically tailored to elderly people. They were designed two years ago and can mind blowingly read emotions, analyse expressions and tones of voice. Japan has welcomed this trend with open arms as a means to feel companionship.

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Will robots begin to replace human contact? Is it going to dehumanise families? As more manufacturers enter this market, the price is set to reduce. Lets make sure to always put human relationships ahead of technology.