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Revlon Appoints First Female CEO In 86 Years Of Business

Yesterday marked an important day for women within the beauty industry. One of the world’s leading beauty brands appointed a woman as their CEO....

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Have Named Their Baby Boy

On Monday, after four days of intense anticipation, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend revealed the name of their new baby boy. Via an Instagram...

Sticky Fingers’ Dylan Frost Was Asked To Leave A Pub After...

The always controversial band, Sticky Fingers, have recently made headlines again after frontman, Dylan Frost, was asked to leave a Sydney pub following a...

Listen Out 2018 Coming In Red Hot

Move over cold weather, the hottest lineups dropping for this festival season and we’re super excited! Fuzzy’s Listen Out dropped their star studded 2018...

The Obama’s and Netflix Sign the Dotted Line

News circulated this morning that ex presidential family ‘the Obama’s' have signed a contract with Netflix to produce Films and TV shows.  Speculations are the...