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You Can Now Feel Flawless In Beyonce’s New Active Wear

Image Credit Everett Collection Shutterstock

So Beyonce has released an activewear line and we are freaking out. The line is called Ivy Park and it will be released on April 14th at The Iconic, Glue, and Myer. I mean think about it, you can now wear Beyonce’s line whilst listening to Beyonce. This is the ultimate fitspo. Listening to Beyonce keeps us all on the bike or the treadmill longer than we thought we could go and now with her active wear, there is real motivation to go to the gym because you get to wear her new line.

I mean at this point we are all basically just Beyonce in the gym right? A dream come true much! Now can I just have that butt and waist and everything will be sweet.

images-article-2016-03-31-Screenshot+2016-04-01+07.43.01Lululemon made the dumbass mistake of chiming in and comparing Ivy Park to their line and to be honest, everyone was just a little baffled. The lines bare no similarities besides copious amounts of lycra. Lululemon retracted the tweet once they realised they looked like assholes. Clearly they don’t have a feel for their own fuckery considering the fat shaming and racist remarks of their ex-CEO.

If you want to get hyped up for the release of Ivy Park Watch this video and then of course head to the website.