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Sydney In-N-Out Pop Up

Image Credit YouTube

Make some room in your bellies because an In-N-Out style pop up is coming to Sydney for an entire month. In-N-Out came to Australia in January for a total of four hours. It was more of a ‘Stand-N-Wait’ as only a few determined people were able to indulge in one of America’s most famous burgers.

Down-N-Out (get it, cause like we’re down under), will be open in the Sydney CBD from the 8th June to 6th July thanks to Hashtag Burgers. So be sure to get your asses down to Sir John Young Hotel, Cnr George and Liverpool St so you don’t miss out.

Image Credit Down-N-Out

Former head chef of Mr Crackles, Sebastien Cens will be behind the girl so expect simple burgers with delicious flavour. There will also be a vegetarian option and of course what’s a burger without a shake to go with it?

Hashtag Burgers co-founder Ben Kagan said, “The animal-style burger is a mustard-braised patty with caramelised onion and extra sauce. Protein style is no bun – there’s lettuce instead.”

We defs recommended to get yourself in and out of this burger joint over the next month!