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Sorry guys, no more selfies with Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer
Photo: Time

Amy Schumer made an instagram post yesterday calling out one creepy, person-space-invading fan and to announce she wasn’t going to take any more selfies with fans because of this guy. Apparently he ran up to her in front of his whole family and despite multiple requests for him to stop, continued shoving a phone in her face and trying to get a picture.

Just because someone’s a celebrity and dedicates their life to making other people laugh doesn’t mean they’re the publics property, and it’s just not okay for people to run up and get in their faces because they expect something from them.

We can’t imagine how scary it would be if you were just walking along, enjoying your day and someone got completely up in your face to try and get a picture. There’s a thing called social decency, and we think this guy needs to get some.

It is a sad day for those of us who might be blessed enough to run into the comedy goddess on the street, since there’s no more taking pics to brag to your friends, but the pleasure of meeting her should surely be enough.

Here’s the instagram post: