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See what Channing and Jenna did for Step Up’s 10th anniversary

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Okay we could’ve sworn it was just yesterday that we were dancing in front of our TVs after our parents finally bought us Step Up on DVD. The sad reality is that that was a whole TEN freaking years ago. It’s been a decade since we wished so bad we’d be able to attend the Maryland School of Arts and a hot bad boy with fire dance moves would come and sweep us off our feet. Oh well, we realised that dream was probably never going to come true pretty quickly.

It’s been ten years since Step Up released, ten years since we fell madly and deeply in love with Channing Tatum and ten years since we accepted that he’d only ever have eyes for Jenna Dewan. They are the epitome of couple goals and just when we thought we couldn’t possibly love them anymore, Jenna uploaded this to her Instagram.

Then, the Tatums being the ridiculously perf couple that they are did this and it gave us all the feels.

We had to. #stepup10years

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Hopefully you are all die hard Step Up fans as much as we are and understand the critical significance of this video. I mean, it’s the same damn routine… 10 years later.

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