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Don’t Fear! Riverdale Season Three Is (Almost) Here

Source: The CW

Archie and co will finally be making their return on our favourite streaming service Netflix this October.  After the ending of Season two we were left hanging of a cliff when Archie was arrested for murder. But we’ll only have to wait for about a month (a month too long), before we can pull ourselves up and binge watch the next season.

Here’s some juicy details on what will be happening in season number three:

The Down-Low

Following the intense Season 2 finale, Riverdale fans were left gripping onto the fact that the string of murders that had occured in the eery town of Riverdale, were far from coincidental.

What’s more, while the show will keep the dark clouds looming over our favourite characters, their relationships will remain the centerpoint of everything.

Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty, confirms that one of our favourite couples ‘Bughead’ will remain “rock solid”. Even with the coming of newly added characters such as Jughead’s mom (yikes), Cole Sprouse (Jughead) commented that,  “Actually, it’s looking like it’s going to be pretty good for Bughead this season so far”.

With Archie being arrested in the last episode, we are left in the dark concerning the future of  the often tumultuous relationship of ‘Varchie’. KJ Apa, confirmed that you never know what will happen on Riverdale, to which Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge) added that the couple will definitely run into some problems.

The trailer which was released at Comic Con 2018, starts off with a recap of the drama that unfolded in season two. The real juicy details start at 2:04, which makes us believe that they will finally catch a break as they are splashing around in the water. The drama really starts the moment Betty walks out and into a scene where babies are being held above some huge flames (major satanic Lion King vibes).

The next trailer was released late August, keeping us at the edge of our seats. We are teased with love, fun, but most important of all, tragedy.

On a more positive note, Aguirre-Sacasa dropped that there will be both a musical episode AND a flashback episode where the main characters will play their parents.

The thing that’s most important to know, the exact air date. Season three will premiere on the 10th of October, a date we simply can’t wait for.

So, let’s keep our popcorn ready for when the first episode finally drops, bringing us some more teenage drama.


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