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Paris Hilton’s Wedding Dress Is Going To Be Inspired By Her Favourite Disney Princesses!

Photo Source: https://bit.ly/1oyo1OX

Judging from Paris Hiltons $2 million engagement ring & lavish proposal on top of an Aspen Mountain during the Christmas holidays, we’re not surprised that the extravagant Heiress is dedicating her wedding dress(es) to her favourite Disney Princesses!

“I love Disney Princess Vibes.”

Photo Source: https://bit.ly/1oyo1OX

Hilton spilled the details on what to expect from her Wedding Dress during an Interview with People. “It’s a lot of planning to do. Right now, we are just trying to figure out a date and a location and my dress— I definitely want it to be very magical”

Paris confirmed she is planning on having three weddings to match her five 21st Birthday Parties.

“For my 21st I had 5 parties, so maybe for my wedding I’ll have a European one, an American one & one for everyone around the world.”

Photo Source: https://bit.ly/1oyo1OX

Along with her 3 weddings, Paris will have 3 dresses for each ceremony—for the pre-wedding ceremony, the wedding itself and the after party.

The 36 year old self confessed Princess and her 31 year old Fiance Chris Zylka met at an Oscars after party 8 years ago, but it wasn’t until 2 years ago when the two finally got together. Paris referred to Zylka as “the love of my life” and “my dream come true”.

We wouldn’t have expected anything less from you, Paris!