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Meet Bella Hadid’s Alter-Ego


If anyone can get away with making an Instagram account dedicated to their alter ego while they’re on a holiday, I guess it’s Bella Hadid. The Supermodel took to Instagram during a trip to Tokyo, Japan earlier this week to show off her Tokyo-inspired new look, and introduced us all to Rebekkah Harajuku.

Rebekka being Rebekka yesterday in Harajuku, Tokyo 🇯🇵

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The posts all refer to Rebekkah in third person and as cute as the snaps are, the overall vibe is kind of, well weird. Hadid AKA ‘Bex’ owned a blonde-bobbed wig while she got snapped posing in the streets of Japan, shopping in vintage stores and eating out with chopsticks.

Rebekka as seen this past weekend in Shibuya, Tokyo. 🇯🇵

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As obscure (but totally chic) as Hadid’s new IG account is, she’s still managed to rack up over 17,000 followers in just two short days (more than any of us will probably get!)

What we know for sure about Ms. Harajuku, is that she has killer style that favours classic berets and hats. Her print of choice is a grey check and she’s got about as much sass as the real life Bella Hadid! I’m still undecided on exactly how I feel about this saga, but let’s see what Rebekka gets up to next before ruling it out as totally crazy.

Rebekka Harajuku and her friend Jenny Nogizaka as seen in Tokyo tonight. 🇯🇵

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More importantly, here’s hoping this low-key cultural appropriation doesn’t result in the same mess that it did for sister Gigi during the Buddha cookie controversy, resulting in the model being denied a Visa to enter China where she was booked to walk in Victoria Secret’s 2017 fashion show!

Risky business girls!