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Ice Cube is trying to make ‘Last Friday’ happen

Image Credit New Line Cinema

The 90s is making a comeback. TLC is hitting our shores later this year and now Ice Cube is trying to revive the 1995 classic, Friday.

Fingers crossed this isn’t a gee up but he’s tweeted his support for another sequel to Friday, called Last Friday. The rapper turned actor posted a mock-up cartoon showing the original cast in a ‘Last Supper’ like scene. There was rumours floating around Facebook that the sequel would be starring his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. but he said they were fake.

The first film, written by Ice Cube with DJ Pooh turned a small $3 million budget into $30 million sales at the box office. The sequels Next Friday (2000) and Friday After Next (2002) didn’t come close to the success of the original. This was most likely due to the absence of comedy king, Chris Tucker.

So apparently Ice Cube is already talking to New Line Cinema and is keen for a sequel but only if “we can do it right.” Heads up, we suggest bringing Chris Tucker back is a smart move if you really do want to do this right (just sayin’).

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