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Hannah Mouncey to Play in Women’s League this Year

Photo Credit: Kym Smith Source: Fox Sports Australia

Transgender football player, Hannah Mouncey welcomes the AFL’s decision to allow her to play in this years AFL women’s league.

After being refused entry to last year’s AFLW draft, Mouncey began the conversation that had the sports industry divided.

Under the new agreement, Mouncey no longer has to apply to the individual league she wishes to play in, and is now automatically granted enrolment into any AFL league.

Mouncey released a public statement regarding the AFL’s decision, saying it would be “highly inappropriate” to thank them for giving her the ability to “do something open to every other Australian, which science and research has supported all along.”

Mouncey expressed her opinions towards the naysayers in her career, calling on them to “wake up to themselves” in light of the decision.

“I can’t think of anyone who would not just put themselves through something like this, but put those who they care about through it.”

The AFL stand by their decision to support Mouncey, and encourage other “Australian football competitions to adopt the [their] recommendation to facilitate the inclusion of trans players at the community level.”

The AFL are currently finalising their gender diversity policy to reflect growing changes in the sports industry.