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Foster Blake baby number 2 is here

hamish blake
Baby love. Credit: zotheysay/Instagram

Brace yourself for extreme levels of cuteness because Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake’s second child is here! And it’s a perfectly swaddled girl named Rudy Hazel Blake.

She’s so tiny and so adorable! Her older brother Sonny is also super cute, and shares his parents’ humour at just three years old.

He's hit the second trimester and feeling a lot better now, thanks for asking.

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Hamish, a beloved Australian comedian and TV and radio personality, married Zoë, an author and cosmetics entrepreneur, in 2012 and the couple have been inseparable ever since. Hamish is well-known for being part of a comedic duo with Andy Lee, but these days “Foster Blake” is as often heard in Australian culture as “Hamish and Andy”. The Foster Blakes even had their own series of Bonds ads. Can you get more Australian that that?

hamish blake
Aussie couple. Credit: Nick Leary

Unfortunately, the iconic Foster Blakes left Andy in the dust. Andy was also much unluckier in love despite Hamish’s efforts as the Ultimate Wingman.

hamish blake
Ultimate Wingman. Credit: hamishandandy.com

How did the Ultimate Wingman gameshow ‘Mister needs a Sister’ fail? Poor thing. Sorry Andy, we love you Andy.

hamish blake
Foolproof. Credit: hamishandandy.com

But back to Hamish and Zoë’s bubs. It’s safe to say they’re definitely more well-behaved than Hamish as a child. Remember when he crashed Richie Strahan and Faith’s date on The Bachelor as a three-year-old named Rory?

hamish blake
Take that Richie. Credit: Giphy

Nothing to kill a budding romance like a savage manchild. Rory was so demanding.

hamish blake
Beddy byes. Credit: Giphy

He flipped more than any renovation show like House RulesThe Block, etc.

hamish blake
Flipping out. Credit: Giphy

And when it was all over, he marvelled as his own brilliance.

hamish blake
Mission accomplished. Credit: Giphy

It’s pretty obvious that Rudy and Sonny have hands down got their dad beat on cute points. But here’s hoping they also grow up to be as hilarious and talented (if not more so) than both their parents.