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Snapchat introduces new geofilters

Image Credit Snapchat

For all you Snapchat lovers out there that are obsessed with documenting your life and think it’s plain weird to not let the world know where you are 24/7, your life is about to get a lot easier. Don’t think we don’t know who you are either, you’re the ones sitting on the train aggressively opening and closing your mouths.

Snapchat has introduced geofilters so users can let others know where they are by location specific artwork displayed on their posts. They have described it as “dynamic art for different places”. The previous success of public designs had led them to now let people create custom geofilters.

This means you’ll be able to show friends your at ‘Ben and Amy’s Wedding’ or at your ‘Mum’s 60th Birthday’ by adding the filter. It will also be particularly useful for businesses to add their logo or promote special events.

There will be two types of geofilters, community and on-demand. Community will be for artists and designers who can create and submit a geofilter for their city, university, local landmark or another public location. On-demand will allow businesses and individuals to purchase geofilters for their event, business or specific location. They will also get access to analytics within Snapchat to see how many people viewed and used their on-demand filters.

In case you didn’t already spend enough precious hours of the day either snapping or tapping on the app here’s just one more reason to indulge in the goodness of Snapchat.