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Ex Bachie Takes On Baird Over His Alter Ego Casino Mike

AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

This week in the omnipresent sagas of casino mike and the lockout laws, he gets shredded by an ex bachie contestant and 10000 march on The Star.

Premier Mike Baird found himself in hot water on live air earlier this week whilst on air with Rove and Sam on their hit show on 2dayFM. Frost questioned Baird on the exemptions that Barangaroo and The Star were given under the lockout laws and the lining of governmental pockets that this could have lead to. Hearsay or otherwise when the ex-bachelorette shreds you to pieces on live radio and there is monthly marches on Sydney streets for the removal of the lockout laws, and not to mention they aren’t working, see the brawl involving 200 individuals that occurred over the weekend as your primary example. It is time for Casino Mike to take another side on the lockout laws because the only people they are really saving is the investors of The Star and Barangaroo.

The lockout laws represent a policy gone awry. The killing of culture for the profits of corporations, not the first of its kind but painful all the same. This is not the moment for Sydney’s nightlife but keep on marching Sydney and keep on partying because it is the only way the nightlife will survive. In the meantime, Frostie’s got your back.