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YouTuber eats a picture of Jason Segel every day

It’s a tough life being a celebrity. People invade your privacy, take photos of you, and even eat your photo. Wait, what? A man known as “Dog Shit” on YouTube has gone viral for his crazy stunt.

He documents himself eating a picture of the awesome comedic actor Jason Segel (most well-known for How I Met Your Mother). He says that he won’t stop eating the photos until Jason Segel acknowledges his existence by eating a picture of him in return.

“Dog Shit” has already published four videos featuring him eating photos of the actor. Have a look at the latest (most creative) one, in which “Dog Shit” tops the expectations by getting a new tattoo of Jason Segel’s name.

This has to qualify “Dog Shit” as one of the craziest/strangest fans in the history of obsessive fans. To end the experiment, Segel has to eat this special picture of “Dog Shit”:

Image of Dog Shit he wants Jason Segel to eat

We don’t know wether Segel has seen this yet or if he’s going to respond but we can imagine his reaction to the whole thing would look something like this:

How I Met Your Mother GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The only question that remains is why? Hopefully we’ll find out in videos to come.