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Australian Emma Parkinson Recounts Bataclan Massacre

Emma Parkinson
Image Credit 60 Minutes

Australian gunshot survivor Emma Parkinson has spoken, in confronting detail, of the Paris terrorist attack. “There was no one that didn’t have blood on them. Everyone was covered. I’m just seeing people running as fast as they could.”

The teenager had only received a ticket the day of the concert and enjoyed herself just metres from the stage. After hearing the first gunshots her initial thought was someone had fireworks. Her second thought being “What an idiot. Who does that at a concert?” She then quickly realised “in a second” that people were shooting at them. The rush began as people ran as fast as they could, scrambling to get away from the scene.

As she ran for her life, 19 year old from Hobart was then hit by a bullet that passed clean through her thigh. She then fled to an adjoining building sobbing in darkness listening to the sounds gunfire, hugging other injured people.

After the police stormed in three assailants activated their suicide vests and a fourth shot dead. She had surgery on her leg where Australia’s ambassador to France, Stephen Brady visited her at hospital and she took phone calls from Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop.