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Amy Schumer fat shamed after cast as Barbie

Amy schumer fat shamed
Image Credit Instagram @amyschumer and Mattel

Just when we thought society was finally moving forward in its expectations of women’s bodies, with Amy Schumer cast as Barbie, the internet has just leaped backwards. Instead of celebrating the breaking of the stereotypical ‘perfect’ Barbie casting, keyboard warriors have come from far and wide to throw their (just plain rude) two cents into the Twittersphere.

Barbie dolls have been criticised for years for giving girls unrealistic expectations of the ideal body. Yet, certain people (*ahem* men) out there, have the audacity to voice that a more realistic Barbie character is not okay.

Let’s take a look at some of these trolls comments, shall we?

Way to make us laugh Modern Life Dater. Guess what? Girls don’t like arrogant pricks.

Fat shaming is never ok. Ever.

Hmmm… we think this Collector 1950’s Collector Barbie Doll might just back up that pie fetish.

amy schumer fat shamed

Considering Amy is currently around 74kgs, dropping 100 pounds would make her 29kgs. So a woman must be the weight of a 9 year old to play Barbie. Okay mate.

Thankfully, some Twitter users were able to commend Sony for choosing to empower women, no matter what size.

The film is reported set to hit the screens until 2018 but it will be very interesting to see how Amy will take on this role.