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360 just put up the most emotional post

Triple J Magazine

The Melbourne born rapper, Matt Colwell who is famously known as 360 has just posted the most emotional post about his mental state.

He wrote from the heart that he has “uncontrollably cried for hours and couldn’t stop. I am broken. I have reached a point where I am depressed and down in the dumps more than I am happy.”

“Usually it was 90% happy, 10% shitty. Now it’s the other way around. The dark thoughts that plague my mind scare the shit out of me.”

The post suggested he was diagnosed with unipolar disorder which is a condition that is similar to being bipolar. The sufferer experiences a resistance to any other moods and remains at one emotional state: depression.

He says in his Facebook post that he will never be a victim of suicide and he believes because he is getting professional help, “[I] will not let this shit win”.

He starts to sum his post up with “The point of this post is to be brutally honest and let everyone know, I’m fucked. This is the darkest of the dark for me.”

Earlier this year, he also talked about how prescription drugs nearly killed him with an overdose of Nurofen. He also released a an autobiographical track called “I’m Sorry” where he started the song off with: “I should be dead, I got nine lives… seven left Cause’ I died twice. I am glad it wasn’t bye-bye because it’s my time to do it without the high life”. 

His fans have been closely supporting him through this time of his life and only hope for a speedy recovery. Some fans even reached out as well and commented their side of the story, with one fan saying “I have been where you are. Take advantage of the support you have, they will get you through this! Wouldn’t be here without mine. It’s still an everyday battle but I’m succeeding.”