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Top 7 Kimojis

Image Credit Instagram

Kim Kardashian has launched her very own emoji app called ‘Kimoji.’ It has more the 250 emoji and sticker designs that cleverly reference monumental moments, photos and features of the reality TV star. Here are some of our favourites and when to use them

1. Ugly Cry Face – for when you lose your diamond earrings

Image Credit Kimoji

2. Peaches and Cream – doubt you really need to use this but you probably will anyway

Image Credit Kimoji

3. Middle Finger – for the haters

Image Credit Kimoji

4. Lit – for letting everyone know when you’re on a night out

Image Credit Kimoji

5. Brows – for when they’re on fleek

Image Credit Kimoji

6. Goals – for when you need to comment on a friend’s instagram but cbf to type

Image Credit Kimoji

7. Ring – for when your boyfriend asks what you want for Christmas 😉

Image Credit Kimoji