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WATCH: The final Wonder Woman trailer

The much-anticipated final trailer of the upcoming Wonder Woman film has finally dropped and it looks epic. It looks like film will focus on the superhero’s origin story and divulge her family history before launching into what look like very intense battle scenes. Wonder Woman seems to be battling foes both at home and on Earth (as well as battling the constricting clothing of the early 1900s).

The trailer was debuted at the MTV Movie Awards and audiences are very excited to see how Warner Bros presents arguably the most prominent female superhero in DC comics. The trailer makes Gal Gadot look impressively intimidating without making her unlikeable, which will hopefully continue throughout the film. It definitely looks like there will be combat scenes to match those in recent Marvel films, as well as a bit of comic relief offered by Chris Pine in his role as Steve Trevor.

The trailer begs a lot of questions, like why Diana’s mother hates mankind and why Diana is so powerful, as well as the origin of her name. The film premieres on June 2, so there’s not too much longer to wait!