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Travis Scott shows up 90 minutes late to headliner

Source: Pitchfork

If you’ve ever been to a festival, you KNOW how you feel after a long day in the sun, dancing and drinking. To make things worse, the headliner act shows up late. How is anyone meant to be happy about that? 

Well, one festival goer is not impressed, after Travis Scott showed up late to his headlining act at Osheaga festival, allegedly aiming to sue the festival.

An American college student has begun the process, after attending Montreal’s Osheaga Festival last weekend. Megan Le Stum bought her ticket for the first day of Osheaga to see Travis Scott perform after just releasing his ASTROWORLD album.

Allegedly, Travis Scott showed up to his act an HOUR AND A HALF late! Scott defended himself, saying he was caught up in customs coming into Montreal. Festival organisers sent out social media alerts regarding his lateness, but this did not stop angry fans from voicing their frustrations via social media.

Megan left before Scott arrived, bringing her grievance to her local courthouse this week, filing a class action request against Osheaga event organiser, Evenko.

The request argues that Megan and anyone else who bought tickets to the festival should have the option to be reimbursed for the disappointing behaviour, while Evenko should have respected the festival’s schedule.

Osheaga attracted around 45,000 people each day of the weekend, so this could be bad news for the festival, especially if the class action suit is granted.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Would you go this far if you didn’t get the show you expected, or nothing at all? Let us know down below!