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Department of Finance produces cringeworthy promo vid

Department of Finance video
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The Department of Finance within Australia has realised that they need some new recruits. They’ve sat and thought long and hard about the ways to reach the youth of Australia. It was therefore decided that a YouTube video will be the ideal way to get to them.

A YouTube video that includes real people acting. Oh boy. You’d think a video that’s designed to attract new finance graduates to the Department of Finance would have shelled out a fair bit to pay for this ad.

The video called ‘The Game Changers’ includes awkward small talk between employees and their bosses. It also includes a woman ever so nobly turning down ‘paleo pear and banana bread’ and instead deciding to go to a business meeting instead.

The best part about all of this is that the Department of Finance shelled out $40,000 to make this video. Forty THOUSAND dollars. I can’t even calculate how many McNuggets that is because it’ll make me too sad to even type.

Department Finance
We feel you. Source.

Due to the backlash from this video, the DOF (or Department of Finance) have come out and said that they’ve only REALLY spent $4,000 of it on this video and the rest is going to other marketing campaigns.

A DOF spokesman said the video was designed to reflect the “variety of work, cultural and social experiences” graduates can expect when they join the department.

“Attracting and selecting a strong, highly capable and diverse graduate cohort is an important part of our workforce strategy,” he said.

Hopefully this video does attract young graduates who just want to see what life in the Department of Finance is really like. I mean, it’s not like they don’t know what they’re in for, with their “buddies” and their “really stoked” meetings. Good lord.