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DJ Khaled’s son is now a viral meme

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The saying “like father, like son” is apparently quite true when it comes to DJ Khaled and his 5 month old son, Asahd. Just like his famous music producing father, Asahd has become viral internet content thanks to a meme.

The meme has come from just how much Khaled celebrates his son and involves him in his life. Khaled even started up an Instagram account for him, which currently has 413,000 followers. He was also made the executive producer on DJ Khaled’s newest album “Grateful”.

This resulted in people making hilarious memes about how hard Asahd works, with Khaled apparently denying him breaks.

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Asahd has also been involved in a series of Snapchat videos between Khaled and Drake, who is rumored to be making an appearance on “Grateful”.

In the Snapchats, Khaled asks his son if Drake’s vocals have come in yet. Drake responded in another Snapchat, where he asked in Khaled’s vocals had come in yet.

While it’s clear that DJ Khaled loves his son, and the memes are awesome, it may be best for Asahd to take a step back from the spotlight, before he becomes more famous than his dad.