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Watch out ladies! Andy Lee is on the market

Image Credit: Woman's Day

On Hamish and Andy’s radio show last Friday, Andy Lee confirmed his split from graduate and model Rebecca Harding. Our hearts broke a little, but then there’s this part of us deep down cheering that there’s the slimmest of slim chances we might be able to steal his heart.

The couple began dating over a year ago, and debuted their relationship at the Australian Open.

Image credit: Splash news online

However, in an odd conversation about ‘slugging’ (a strange, not at all pleasant way to kiss) Andy let the bombshell drop – that he and Rebecca broke up a while ago.

We were all a little suspicious when the last time they were seen together on social media was in May. They gave us some serious #couplegoals vibes so it’s sad that it’s come to an end. Yet Andy, if it’s any consolation we’re sure there’s a lot of girls (myself included) that would literally froth over a guy bringing them pizza. Among other essentials like wine and Tiffany & Co, it’s basically the key to our hearts.

Andy is handsome and vvvveeerrryyy eligible – and with Hamish as his wingman, how could any girl resist this hunk of a man.